Our Rooms

Nursery Rooms: We have a number of rooms that range from our beginning at Nursery to getting us ready for school.

Yellow Room

rooms 1Yellow Room is usually where we begin our journey into nursery life. As we are still so little we spend our days exploring and playing with lots of heuristic and sensory toys. We like to explore and learn using our senses, especially touching different textures. We learn to try new flavours, sometimes we can even feed ourselves. We have our own baby garden that we love spending time in, even in the rain! We also really enjoy going for walks in the buggies to our farm, sometimes we even stroll into Ewell Village to feed the ducks or visit the library. We are encouraged to learn to crawl and cruise around the room which is fun. We have lots of fun in Yellow Room and our days are filled with fun activities – we especially like messy ones!!

Purple Room

room purpleSo I’ve mastered crawling, walking and babbling. Now it’s time to put it all to good use and Explore. Much to Mummy’s and Daddy’s delight, I’m probably on the move more than ever, I’ve even discovered how to run, so with that being said we hope to burn off some of that never ending energy.

In Purple Room we get to use all our senses to enjoy getting creative, messy and artistic all at the same time, a little bit of ‘mess’ doesn’t hurt anyone. So we get to experiment with things like shaving foam, porridge, cornflour and paint, sometimes all together! We’re becoming that little bit more independent, showing adults what we can do by ourselves whether that’s using a fork and spoon at mealtimes, drinking without a lid or taking our own shoes off and putting them under our own pegs.

We’re always building strong relationships and we’re beginning to have our own little friend’s, we smile when we see each other, maybe enjoy a cuddle, we say their names, but most of all we love playing together, sharing toys and helping each other out.

When we’re with our friends we want to build the biggest towers to knock back down again and laugh saying “Oh No”. We want to climb over thing’s and dart through tunnels having as much fun as we can. We love a sing-song when we can jump, tap our toes, clap our hands and wiggle our bottoms to our favourite rhymes. Also we’re venturing into the big wide world taking regular trips to the farm, Bourne Hall Library, where we also get to walk alongside the ducks and trips to the Village, going to the shops.

Here in Purple Room, we’re having fun whilst learning to grow naturally. We strive to achieve a place where your children feel safe, comfortable and most of all Happy

Blue Room

nestots blue room

In Blue Room our individual characters and personalities begin to shine through as we continue to grow and explore. We begin to focus on independence and learning how to do things ourselves from washing our hands and faces to putting our coats and shoes on. We start to have circle time in Blue Room which involves singing songs, learning the days of the week, the weather and looking at our golden rules. Our room is free flow, and we can explore as we choose. From the construction area to the creative area where we have a variety of utensils and begin to use scissors. Your see our home corner change to follow our interests. We might have a farmers’ market one day and a vet’s the next. We like to keep things exciting, challenging and new. We love nothing more than a Blue Room day out. This can be anywhere from an onsite farm visit, the local library, duckpond or park. On special occasions we have a small treat at Costa coffee or a trip to the local soft play. We love to get out and learn about the world.

Green Room

nestots green roomIn Green Room the children are between 2 to 3 years old. In this room the children to staff ratio is a maximum of 4:1. At this stage the children are active explorers who are inquisitive and who like to question what and why and they use their prior knowledge to solve problems. So in Green Room we encourage them to explore their inquisitive minds to interconnect and to emphasise their independence and individuality.

Here we are preparing the children for pre-school, we plan activities based on the children’s knowledge and basic abilities, learning styles and interests. Throughout the day we provide a balance of adult planned and children initiated activities across key areas to cover the EYFS Guidelines. Children are encouraged to be independent and to make their own choice from a wide range of activities we provide. We also encourage and support potty training in Green Room and will work alongside the parents to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

We have a structured day which is centred on individual learning where we carefully record and observe progress.

Our weekly activities include messy play, mark making, music, literacy, numeracy as well as cooking. We offer the children opportunities to enhance their speech, so at circle time we try to recognise our name, read stories, encourage them to talk about themselves and to each other. Furthermore, we encourage counting, recognising numbers and learning some sounds and letters. Children at this age are very eager to explore the world around them by being curious about what they see, hear and touch and by asking questions, we encourage their curiosity.

In Green Room we like exploring and investigating plants and monitoring their growth, we like to grow things in our vegetable patch. We also have the opportunity to free flow everyday whatever the weather. We frequently plan visits to the farm and small outings to the local park and the Village, we also go to the supermarket and buy our own ingredients for our cooking activities.

Green Room support your children’s development within a loving, caring and nurturing environment, in order to encourage them to progress. We let the children grow and progress in a secure and positive environment. We keep encouraging and supporting them to achieve their important milestones at their own pace.

Red Room

nestots red roomRed room is our Pre School at Nestots. Children are aged from 3 years until they start school. Activities are carefully planned through detailed observations of individual children and ongoing assessments.

Adult led activities run over the course of a week to give children time to develop their ideas, change or add to their work and come back as and when they want to.

Examples may be themed based or seasonal, such as Easter and Christmas. All areas of the curriculum are covered through the very best activities in a fun way.

Continuous provision includes daily circle time – who’s here today, weather etc., group story time, jolly phonics, am/pm snack, sand/water, playdough and mark making. Water bottles are bought in from home so the children can help themselves throughout the day.

The environment is set up in areas to encourage early maths, early mark making, sensory activities, a book/quiet area, floor toys, a home corner, a listening station for music and story CD’s, a creative area, we also have an interactive smart board in reception for all the children to play age appropriate games. It is also a fantastic resource for practitioners to assist with topics, letters and numbers.

The children have opportunities to go outside when they choose to access all what is inside plus a mud kitchen, a builder’s yard, space to run around, a shop, planting seeds, watering flowers, large wooden bricks, painting with water and more. We understand that some children learn better outside and that all children are unique in the way they develop.

Children in Red Room are encouraged to be as independent as they can, with support always close to hand.

Jobs and responsibilities are given to children throughout the day such as washing up, collecting names, taking messages and going over to the college (which they love!) Getting ready for school isn’t just about writing and counting, children also need to be able to make friends, take turns, share, ask for what they want and share ideas. Listening and being ready to learn are key skills for school.

We make frequent visits to Nestots farm which is onsite, we go on lots of nature walks in and around the college. In the summer we like to have a “School leavers” day out with parents and staff, at places such as Chessington World of Adventures or Hobbledown.

We hold a carol concert for the parents to attend, where we sing lots of fun Christmas songs and join in with the actions. Before we go and start our next adventure at BIG School, we all get to Graduate.

This is a lovely celebration of our time spent at Nestots, we even get to wear a cap and gown and receive a certificate. We are so grown up!